SaberShores is lowering its carbon footprint!

To be honest, the grid is an old power delivery method, and it only makes sense to make an upgrade.

Due to the most recent outage crippling our hardware and compromising our order processing, we have acquired precious solar components from a recycle center that would have otherwise been destroyed.

We have ordered 1100 watts of recycled solar panels, and a 4500 watt/hour battery bank to begin powering our equipment here at SaberShores!

Having experienced far too many interruptions from the power grid, suffering many delays in processing our orders in peak season, and multiple hardware failures leaving us completely grounded in operations, we've come to the conclusion that a power upgrade is very much necessary and vital to the future of SaberShores!

We run thermal label printers, 3D printers, laser engravers, desktops and other tools and equipment. However, without reliable electricity, everything grinds to a halt.

Our panels have many years of life left in them and our batteries of choice are AGM 190AH Telecom, and are essentially tossed away after only a year or two of use by major corporations, despite their lengthy proven lifetime.

The recovery of these discarded parts has granted SaberShores the ability to take existing fully-functional equipment and place it back into operation.  Over the years, we have researched  the various options to offset our energy consumption through a zero carbon method, as we firmly believe in improving our community as well as the stability of our operations, but we were off put by the pollution associated with production of new equipment.

We also hope to set an example to other businesses; that, no matter how big or small of a company, it is possible to have a low carbon footprint and produce reliable service to all customers as well.